Refreshingly Modern Forgan 42 20cl 42%ABV

Forgan Distillery

Refreshingly Modern Forgan 42 20cl 42%ABV

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Forgan 42 is a refreshingly modern, hand crafted, triple distilled premium high quality botanical gin made using local Lancashire grain, natural mineral-water, infused with juniper,  citrus and botanicals.

We ferment grain, mineral water, sugar and yeast for 7 to 10 days before settling and clearing for 48 hours, this is then distilled, let out with the mineral water distilled a second time before being infused for 24 hours and distilled again to bring you the smoothest possible gin for your enjoyment.

Forgan 42 is great served neat over ice with a slice of orange, or with a splash and only a splash of your favourite tonic.  42 also makes for a perfect Martini no matter how you like yours. 

We do all our own fermentation, distillation, all flavours are from natural infusions using the best ingredients.  We don't add anything else.  Ever.