Out of Stock - Forgan Raspberry & Lavender Gin 70cl 42%ABV
Out of Stock - Forgan Raspberry & Lavender Gin 70cl 42%ABV

Forgan Distillery

Out of Stock - Forgan Raspberry & Lavender Gin 70cl 42%ABV

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Forgan Raspberry & Lavender Gin

42% ABV


A dark Lancashire gin, this hand crafted, triple distilled premium triple infused botanical gin uses locally sourced ingredients for the base and has been well and truly made with love. We do all our own fermentation, distillation and what you see truly is what you get.


Not to do things by halves, to make Forgan Raspberry & Lavender we  take our fabulous Forgan 42 gin and infuse it with a combination of ethically sourced organic Scottish raspberry and lavender before draining and reinfusing again to give you the subtle aromas and flavours of the gin and a big burst of raspberry with the slightest hint of lavender.

We don't redistill or chill-filter after the final 2 infusions, all we do is pass the gin through a very fine filter to remove any botanicals and bottle leaving all the flavour inside. There are no artificial colours, flavours, additives, or added sugar, we don’t add anything else. Ever.


We feel you can’t quite beat a neat gin on the rocks, but our Forgan Raspberry & Lavender goes perfectly with few crushed berries or a twist of orange peel, and with a small splash of your favourite plain tonic. If you fancy showing off, this heather and vanilla gin makes for a perfect alternate Gibson, never shaken, always stirred.