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Sorry. It'll be back soon. Forgan 48 Single Grain Spirit Batch 9 - 72 Bottles - Single Grain, Single Cask - 70cl Bottled 5 December 2020

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Forgan 48 Single Grain Spirit - some smoke, sweetness, caramel and oak.

Batch 9 - 72 Bottles

Single Grain, Single Cask




Taking locally sourced to a whole new level, our Forgan 48 Single Grain Spirit is made from Lancashire corn that grows 3 meters (that's about 10 feet in old money) from the boundary of our distillery! A delicious corn (bourbon)single grain spirit, the recipe for which was passed down to me by a friend from West Virginia near the Appalachian Mountains.



The corn is fermented in Scottish highland mineral water with sugar and yeast for around 3-4 weeks before being cleared and distilled to create 69%ABV “white-dog”, our Forgan 48 Single Grain Spirit goes on quite the journey. Watered down from its potent state to the required strength with the highland mineral water, before being barrelled in charred virgin American white oak for aging - we do all our own charring.


Whiskey connoisseurs will pick up delicious notes of vanilla and caramel with oak, which comes from the wood, and a varying level of subtle sweetness, which comes from the corn and some smoke. All of our single grain spirits are 100% natural, there are no artificial flavourings or colours.


We try to be unique, so all of our bottles are hand numbered, so if there is a special number you want I will try to accommodate, but please bear in mind it is first come, first served. Bottle 1 of each batch is available to bidders, should you be interested.



Like with all fine grain spirits, you can’t quite beat sipping it at room temperature. However, if you do wish to accompany your Forgan 48 with something else it's excellent in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.