Forgan 80 25cl 80%ABV

Forgan Distillery

Forgan 80 25cl 80%ABV

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  • Forgan 80
  • 25cl
  • 80%ABV
  • Batch 10
  • 20 units of alcohol/bottle



Another hat-tip to the prohibition era, our Forgan 80 gin takes inspiration from our triple distilled Forgan 42. Combining an impressively high alcohol content with a refreshingly subtle taste that tantalises the senses and has you coming back for seconds (and thirds!)



Our Forgan 80 gin is handcrafted using a unique combination of sugar, local Lancashire grain, yeast and mineral water which is made in small batches, fermented for 3 to 4 weeks, cleared and settled for 2 days. We then distil the gin twice prior to infusing it with a special blend of juniper, our unique combination of botanicals and citrus before a third and final distillation.



Our Forgan 80 has an 80% ABV, and is so smooth that it goes perfectly with nothing but some ice. Combine with your favourite mixer if you are so inclined, but remember that less is more to avoid drowning out the delicate aroma of citrus and botanicals.