LIMITED STOCK - Forgan 74 25cl 74%ABV

Forgan Distillery

LIMITED STOCK - Forgan 74 25cl 74%ABV

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From the Forgan Distillery, this is Forgan 74, a 74%ABV gin which is a hat-tip to the over-proof gins of the prohibition era.

Forgan 74 is based on our fabulous popular refreshing and unapologetically modern tripled distilled Forgan Gin. 

We handcraft Forgan 74 in small batches from our own unique combination of sugar, grain, yeast and mineral water which is fermented for 3 to 4 weeks, cleared and settled for 2 days, then distilled twice prior to infusing juniper, and our unique combination of botanicals and citrus before being distilled a third time.

Forgan 74 is 74%ABV and is so smooth it’s perfect neat over ice, it doesn’t need anything.  If you do feel the need to combine it with your favourite mixer, remember, only add a splash, you don’t want to drown the delicate aroma of citrus and botanicals.