Forgan Dark Rum 70cl 46%ABV Batch 1
Forgan Dark Rum 70cl 46%ABV Batch 1

Forgan Distillery

Forgan Dark Rum 70cl 46%ABV Batch 1

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Forgan Dark Rum



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When it comes to good rum, we prefer to stick to the old adage that you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken. That’s why we have used a traditional recipe, with a slightly modern twist in our Forgan Dark Rum. Individually hand numbered, and limited to a few dozen bottles per batch, this rum is top quality and unique, the perfect gift for any rum enthusiast!





We ferment molasses for up to 6 weeks before distilling it and using our very own special and unique blend of treacle and hand made caramel to give it that delicious flavour. We then go on to age it in barrels previously used for our amazing Forgan Corn Whiskey to give you an unusually amazing depth of taste and added aroma with a hint of dark chocolate.


Bottle number 1 from each batch is available by blind bidding, so please get in touch If you are interested in owning bottle 1 from each batch as it is produced.