Gin of the Week!! Also Some Brilliant Shakespearean Feedback

Forgan Gin is the gin of the week at Remedy and Remedy Churchtown so if you get chance have a wander down there, enjoy some ambience and try Forgan Gin or Forgan 74 gin.

I recommend you try it neat first, swirl it around in some ice, get it nice and cold and have a sip, have another sip and then sip again.

If you're adding tonic water Remedy stock a couple different ones and they're all excellent, but remember, 1 measure of Forgan Gin to half a measure of tonic, you don't want to drown it and lose all those subtle aromas and flavours.

Also, WOW, I received this feedback about Forgan 74 tonight, what a way to get my weekend off to a brilliant start. I'll be thinking about this when I'm starting off a new batch of gin tonight

"One word....WOW!!! That my friend is a master piece! One hell of a kick!! Loads of flavour and smooth as fuck...Just like it's creator! 😘"

Making our own base spirit from scratch with sugar, grain, yeast and Scottish highland mineral water means we have absolute control over the quality and integrity of our products which means you get the smoothest and highest quality gin you deserve.

Forgan 74 and Forgan Gin are both available at Remedy and Remedy Churchtown