Another Satisfied Customer

Philip recently proudly presented me with a bottle of clear liquid. I had ordered Gin.
I got it home and gave it pride of place... head line position in the centre and front of my spirits shelf. It even relegated my prized Dalwhinnie single malt whiskey to second position of the podium; I'd heard from others it deserved No 1 position.
After a few days looking at it longingly and in anticipation, surely it cant be as good as everyone has told me. After All we all have experienced the teeth furring disappointment of home made wine and beer proudly presented to us by dear friends/relatives awaiting our glowing endorsement, which of course we've all reluctantly given - a little white lie to save our relationship.
I gently pushed back the clips that hold the sealing cap to the bottle and poured the crystal clear liquid into my best gin glass. The smell of summer envigorated my nostrils, i gently laced it with a slices of fresh lemon and lime. Finally the final accoutrement... the tonic, fizzed to the top of the glass, releasing more of the juniper aroma we all have cone to expect from London's or Bombay's finest export.
The ceremony over and the anticipation ended. The moment had arrived to purse my lips and caress my tongue with my favourite of all drinks. This gin danced across my tongued and fell to the back of my mouth. The exquisite flavour remained on my tongue as the liquid vanished, my smile of delight gave away the fact that my book of white lies could, thankfully, remain closed.
Now the dilemma! do I gulp and enjoy this drink's majestey or sip and savour the delicate magnificence of this glass of liquid english summer? I chose the second option; i couldn't let this delight dissipate in the blink of an eye. And so on to the next dilemma, should I buy just another bottle or the case? Now that is a decision I continue to wrestle with.
My recommendation to you, dear reader, is don't delay, summer is too short, your back garden and deck chair require the embellishment of a quality gin, you need to look no further than Philip's.